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Stump Removal Vs Stump Grinding

If you didn't know that stump grinding and stump removal are two different things, now you know.

You can choose either of the two processes when you hire a tree service company to do the job. You're not thinking about doing this yourself, are you? The tree and its stump are handled separately for a reason. It can be expensive enough to remove a tree, and the stump doesn't just represent what's above ground.

The stump may look small, but you have to remember its extensive root system.

When you are quoted a charge for tree removal, you want to ask about stump removal or stump grinding. There will be a separate charge for that service. What are the costs you might have to pay for stump grinding and stump removal? The costs are actually quite similar on average, though which is best can completely depend on the situation.

What you choose is also going to depend on your personal preference. You would think that stump removal would be the best option, but you want to talk to the tree service company first. You see, stump grinding can be the cheapest option in certain situations. It might only cost you an extra $50. Yet it can also cost as much as stump removal. Both costs can be as much as about $400.

Let's see what's going to happen if you choose one process or the other.

Stump grinding is a good idea in a way if it can save you money, but stump removal is the preferred method in my opinion. Not too long ago, my mom had a tree removed in her yard. She chose stump grinding, and it worked out just fine. It looks good.

Yet my sister and I were walking one night, and we walked back up into the yard. She tripped over what was left of the stump, just a piece. Plus you have to realize that stump grinding means that grass isn't going to be there unless it grows over the stump. In that case, you certainly don't want to run over it with a lawnmower.

While stump removal is the preferred option, there are many situations where it can be a little difficult to remove the stump.

Therefore, you might end up finding out the quote for stump grinding is much less than the quote for stump removal. It would be best to ask about both quotes so you can get a clear picture. Once you know what you would have to pay, you can then decide to move forward with the best possible solution for your yard, and your wallet.

Which method do you think is best? You would probably prefer to have the stump removed, too. Maybe it will work out that way. There is only one way to find out. Ask the tree service company about the process in relation to the tree you're having removed, and get those two quotes.

Here is a recommended provider of both services:

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